Lack of Updates

Written by Awkward Situations on Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sorry about the lack of updates, life has once again gotten in the way of my internet time. I still need to put the links back on the blogroll and maybe get a more simple but nice looking theme. Iono, depends.

JFK Plot before Dallas Assassination?

Written by Awkward Situations on Friday, November 23, 2007

This is really interesting and scary too, apparently there was a plot that was foiled before the fatal shot in dallas that killed JFK. I would also like to say Happy late Thanksgiving. Sorry for the lack of updates people's!

According to former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden, President Kennedy was due to arrive in Chicago on November 2, 1963 to attend an Army-Air Force football game at Soldier Field and to ride in a parade, but Secret Service agents in Chicago recommended that the White House cancel the trip after two alleged threats against the president.

According to news reports at the time, Kennedy didn't come to Chicago that day because he was ill or because of a diplomatic crisis, WLS-TV reports.

Bolden tells WLS-TV that when the Warren Commission began investigating JFK's assassination, he attempted to inform members about the Chicago plots and alleged misconduct by his fellow agents, but was arrested and prosecuted for soliciting a bribe from a counterfeiter and served a six-year sentence.

Bolden claims it was a set-up to silence him. The main witness has recanted his accusations, and Bolden hopes now to clear his name, the station reports.

The Obama Chronicles, OH NO YOU DIN'T'

Written by Awkward Situations on Friday, October 05, 2007

So if you watch the news constantly like me and other lifeless leeches I know here on the good ole' internet you know Obama didn't wear his american flag pin on his lapel, becuase of the way the war is going. Apparently however it's gotten to the point where not wearing one is unpatriotic. Look I don't agree with what this man says but if you don't want to wear your american flag pin, big deal. I'm sure he still celebrates this great country in other ways, just that way was taken off due to his feelings for the war.
In any case the war isn't America, so thats where the "you should still be patriotic no matter what direction America is going" attitude. Look all I know is I fly 2 american flags in my backyard, wear american flag pins on my suits and have an coffee mug with reagan and kennedy's heads on them behind an american flag. If I'm not pro american I don't know what I am.
I'm not a fat southerner so don't accuse me of that, not that theres anything wrong with southern people, I love them. Not fat people though, hehe.
Anyways see you guys tommorrow or maybe sooner.

Thinking about buying Sim City Societies? Wait!

Written by Awkward Situations on Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sim City Societies VS Cities Unlimited

We all know this new game Sim City Societies looks pretty darn good, but we have to understand that this game once it comes out this holiday season, will be a far cry from another new city building game that will be released sometime next year, called Cities Unlimited from Monte Cristo, maker of City Life.

Now I know what your thinking "Oh, but city life was abysmal at best" and it wasn't that impressive, but it layed out the foundation for a much better, new game, which the developer, unlike Tilted Mill, listened to it's users and the people
and found out exactly what we wanted in a city building game, realism not just in terrain, but management, and the ability to sculpt the city of your dreams, and actually like it, something I cannot say for Societies unfortunately.

Ultimately, a large majority of people, including those on Simtropolis wanted realism, and the abilities that made Sim City 4 and still does make it one of the best games in that genre of all time. Cities Unlimited will be out most likely next year, maybe during the holida
y season or sooner, as some sources leaked.

Regardless, if I haven't caught your attention yet, check out these screenshot comparisons, that perhaps are so dramatically different, they show who actually cares enough to make a worthy city building game like Sim City 4 and it's predecessors.


Sim City Societies:

You be the judge.

Oh my.. updating is slow..

Written by Awkward Situations on Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sorry about the deadness feeling of this blog.. I've allowed a month to pass without an update so here's one for September, I found 20 dollars under my bed and I'm going to use it to buy a cheap lava lamp I saw down at Target for $19.99.. no I'm not a hippy, I'm a hippet, YO YO YO! Ok that was uber lame. Anyways.. I'm gonna do a picture update on Thailand next week and one on a special city here in the states which I'm not going to disclose yet, you'll just have to wait. lol. Anyways have a wonderful weekend!

Sim City 2000 -- The Game that got it "really" going..

Written by Awkward Situations on Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Let's face it, Sim City is one of the greatest games in the world, and from the first one to the 4th and soon to be 5th, as well as the portable versions, there's no denying sim city is a great and versitile game, that's fun for generations and generations to come. And now, let's review the 2nd in the franchise, which many consider the best one in the entire series besides the first one.

What you can do in this game is the premis of all sim city games, design build and create the city of your dreams. You guys know most of this so I'm going to let you enjoy it for yourself, here's the download link, enjoy...
This is a limited demo I believe, but the full version is still on some of the torrenting sites if you don't feel like finding it to buy on ebay or something.

Does Youtube have a democratic bais?

Written by Awkward Situations on Saturday, August 25, 2007

It seems like it to me. I mean alot of people on there seem to hate religion, specifically christianity, and further more republican ideals. I just think as an Independant that it needs to be leveled out. Neither side has it right in my opinion, but of course this is going to be bashed I know. Anyways whats your opinion? I'm open to hearing it guys.

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